The 28 Day Diet
Beginners Guide

Why struggle with PDF printouts when you can have everything in one convenient book.

Beginners Guide

Lose weight fast and effectively

The 28 Day Diet is a practical plan that consists of all the foods you commonly keep in your kitchen - nothing strange or foreign.

Eat the right foods in the right amount at the right time and lose weight. No pills or injections.

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Lose weight fast and effectively


Can I buy the Beginners Guide on its own?

The 28 Day Diet Beginners Guide book is only avialable in the 3 feature combos.

How can I receive free delivery?

If you order any one of our combos on its own, you will receive free shipping.

Can I receive it at my postal address?

Our couriers will bring the package to your door, whether you have it delivered to your home, work, neighbor or family member’s home.

How long does delivery take?

Courier delivery is available and takes about 4 days. Delays of 1-2 days may occur due to the national restriction.

How do I pay?

You can pay with your credit card or by EFT on any of the secure payment portals. If you are struggling with payment, please contact us by email.

May diabetics follow the plan?

There are many diabetics who follow the plan successfully, but it is important to incorporate the snacks between meals.

Any person who would like to start this plan, especially those who are on chronic medication and / or have underlying medical conditions, should first discuss the plan with their doctor to receive the necessary approval.

Do you deliver internationally?

Delivery is currently only available in SA.

How does the Beginner's Guide differ from the Recipe Book?

The purpose of the Beginners Guide is to put together the diet in physical form – with 20 recipes as a bonus.

The purpose of the Recipe Book is to help you with 200 recipes to make your food delicious – with a summary of the plan as a bonus.